Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Why are the poorest the most violent?

Kind of a rhetorical question there; the less you have the more you want and the more desperate the measures to getting it. But this 'it' irritates me. Is 'it' power, which ultimately boils down to money? Is 'it' respect/recognition which again simmers down to money or is 'it' peace, which in this day and age is coupled with bias unilateral agreements and fabricated politicians?

I guess the 'it' is subjective to region. Duh. But its no mere coincidence that the current countries in conflict has a combined GDP of Luxemborg. Me thinks the fighting needs to continue in order for the neo-aristrocrats to carry on... splurging.

The image above validates my annoyance. Note and compare the countries that are/have been involved in conflicts against the countries that are in conflict. Hmm. Excuses like theology, geography or ethnicity are reputed by western media which in-turn fuels misconceptions and creates more tension. And which conflict has been the most profitable? 

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