Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I smell bacon

Absolute power corrupts absolutely said politician, writer and historian John Dalberg-Acton... over 180 years ago. So why the 'F' do we [South Africa] have the largest police-state in the world? The United States of America has Federal States that act as minor sovereignties. They have independent laws, enforced by independent police forces, specific to their state.

This fragmenting of 'enforcer' power stops corruption from spreading. Well it helps. And, most, Americans are proud of their police force - there is even friendly public sports competitions held between LAPD and NYPD.

Don't get me wrong I love their work...
But really?

Yes there are factions of the police that are specific to South African Provinces. But when the JMPD and the SAPS are literally shooting at each other, we get annoyed at first then scared for innocent civilians. But hey lets buy new fast cars to catch reckless drivers instead of use the money for rehabilitation programmes. C'mon guys.

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