Monday, 5 March 2012

April fools, the lot of you!

30 April. Mark this day in your memories for it will be a milestone in South African history. Gauteng has implemented the e-toll system which will essentially charge commuter, you, for use of previously 'free' national roads. 

Our board certified Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's has left me slightly baffled and down right winded, im sure along with millions of South Africans. So let me get this straight:

government want to introduce a tolling system to financially maintain the roads and ultimately stimulate economic growth. Yay. This will be the first time in our history that public roads will be privatised. I wonder what happened to the R35 billion of tax payers, you, money that was initially designated to the Ministry of Transportation 2011/12? Maybe they had to make repairs on their little red hotels, pay for a lavish centenary party... just saying.

Did you know that you had to pay fuel levies, a portion of which gets allocated towards national road maintenance. Where did that money go?/ Who made the decision to change the allocation of funds and why by Zapiro's Hand weren't we informed?

The fuel levy we pay now is round about R3 a liter and the 20c added in the new scam.. I mean Budget, will yield a gobsmacking R27 billion. Bear in mind the Teacher strike last year when thinking on these figures. 

Various alternative sources have reiterated that if petrol was raised between 16c and 36c a liter on the fuel price, then there would have been sufficient funds to cover the entire cost of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement project. Accountability would be ensured due to the practicality. An average sized car, would mean a cost of between 1c and and 4c a kilometer of travel-age, instead of the 30c our government wants to legislate, aka make into LAW. 

The biggest fail in this scheme is getting an Australian company to administer the project. Billions of our hard earned money is not just going to a foreign commercial organisation but.. Australians?       Cue frown. No criteria for a selection process was ever made public, not even a public forum was ever held to deal with these issues, i'll tell you why!

The reason my fellow internet users is as old as the Rockefeller Empire, money, control and power these are the three things that can put masses in chains.

According to top economists the inflation that will occur on the e-tolls be so swift and cunning that people will be forced to catch public transport (control), the exponential increase in cost of living will have an obvious ripple effect on our lively hood, imagine taxi's costing R20 for a local trip, if you have a car imagine catching taxis (money)! Lower-income families will be financially stretched to a breaking points, resulting in obvious wage demands, more strikes and ultimately more DIVISION (power).

 Normally i wouldn't be to worried about African's, especially South African's constitution, something this ludicrous would never have passed... oh wait RICA. ok ok well at least millions of South Africans are still unaware about the Carbon Tax coming soon (on top of e-tolls). I'm Desmond Tutu angry!


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