Wednesday, 29 February 2012


As a hybrid African I believe it is safe to say that the time has long past, for action against the 'Leviathan'that has buried our hopes under a lace blanket of democracy and capitalism. 

Both initiatives are such inviting propositions, especially when the alternative is economic, political and social isolation. And why not, the Empire of our day and age has made all possible move towards making developing countries remain just that, 'developing'.

Media is being silenced, communication is being monitored and the cost of living keeps on rising, no this isn't our  precarious neighbours Zimbabwe, its the 'New South Africa' that countless have laid their lives down for. Blacks, Whites, Indians, Cape Malay, all creeds and religions have made sacrifices for the promise of a better tomorrow.

Well that tomorrow is today, and believe you me scrutiny of such 'promises'will be vigorous and clinical, if not by me then by the thousands of awe struck journalists that are still winded from the announcement of the 'consideration' for the Protection of Information Bill that our lovely elites are gawking at. 

The USA implemented the Patriot Act after the very delicate orchestration of 9/11, shrewd and malicious as its procedures are (sorry were) at least their puppet masters had 'terrorism'as a scape goat. What is South Africa's reason for RICA? And don't tell me security "Distrust and Caution are the parents of security"- Benjamin Franklin.

Not mentioning carbon tax, our public service broadcaster and our police, South Africans have quite the storm to ride out, the only difference between a South African citizen and a Wade-fearing Senegalese voter is time.

With only 17 fresh years of 'independence', South Africans still have that all powerful critical eye that, i hope, will see right through the ANC's 100 million Rand birthday party and start doubting a Government that denies a Divine figure access. - Get Mad Dammit!

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